free - List of medications moms should not travel without

As a pharmacist by profession and an avid traveler by passion, I have compiled a list of essential medications that I take with me whenever I travel with my children.

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motherhood is no easy business, so what do you say we do this together?

Mathematician, turned high school teacher, turned pharmacist, turned stay-at-home mama of 4 kids born within 5 years.  Now I use my education and skills to focus on living a full life with my family.

We love to travel as a family (our kids are currently 6 years old and under) and really enjoy sharing our tips and tricks on how to create your own family travel adventures with your little ones.

Join me on this mothering journey that can be super hard, super awesome, super lonely, super humbling, or all of the above at the same time.  We're all in this together mama!

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children walking along clifton hill in niagara falls

Niagara falls, ontario with kids

Family Travel Pandemic Style – Get your face masks and sanitizers and head to Niagara Falls, Ontario for a family trip with children.

boy toddler standing by the pool and spraying with a water gun. beautiful palm trees in the background

Grand Aston Cayo Las Brujas mommy travel review

Detailed review of the Grand Aston Cayo Las Brujas in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba from the perspective of a mom of little ones.

things to do in orlando florida with little kids besides the disney parks

orlando with kids besides the major parks

Top 5 awesome family-friendly places to go in Orlando, Florida – not including any of the major parks.

family travel review for Be live collection marien with toddlers and kids

Be live collection marien – mommy travel review

Detailed family travel review on Be Live Collection Marien all-inclusive resort for families of toddlers, babies and young children.

how to choose the perfect all inclusive resort for families of toddlers and kids

7 things to look for in an all inclusive resort when traveling with kids

Awesome tips for choosing the best all-inclusive resort when traveling with toddlers and young children. What to look for and what to avoid.

tips on how to prevent toddler ear pain while flying with kids

How to prevent toddler ear pain on a plane

Toddler and child ear pain on a plane might be avoided if you use some of these great tips to prevent ear pain during a flight.

fun things to do in toronto ontario canada with kids and toddlers and babies

Toronto with Kids

List of fun places to go and things to do with kids in Toronto, Canada. Tips on locations, driving distances and the best times to visit for the best family pricing.

disney magic kingdom one day plan itinerary for families with kids and toddlers and babies

Magic Kingdom 1-day itinerary with kids

If you’re spending one day in Disney Magic Kingdom, having a plan makes the biggest difference. Especially if you’re traveling with little ones.

disney theme parks family trip fastpass hacks to avoid waiting in long lines

Disney Fastpass Hacks

These fastpass tips and hacks are magic. Go on more rides and avoid long lines. The happiest place in the world just got happier.

family trip to las vegas with kids and babies and toddlers

Las Vegas with Kids

Taking little ones to Las Vegas can make for a really fun trip if you have a plan and some realistic expectations.


tips for protecting your kids from the coronavirus

what parents need to know about the coronavirus

Tips for protecting your kids against the coronavirus and how to stay well informed about the outbreak.

New Years eve ideas for families of toddlers and young kids

Celebrating New Years Eve with Toddlers

Celebrating New Years Eve with toddlers and young children can be tricky when you want to avoid the exhaustion hangover the next morning. Here are some cool ideas for things to do as a family of little ones on New Years Eve.

too many presents at Christmas

How to Handle All the Christmas Presents

The amount of gifts children receive at Christmas can be overwhelming. So here are some ideas on how to handle all the Christmas presents that come to your toddlers or young children.

toddler and children love christmas so this helpful list of family traditions for kids

27 family Christmas traditions for families of toddlers

Awesome list of 27 great family Christmas traditions you can do with your toddlers or young children. Go skating, bake cookies, make ornaments and watch Christmas movies.

how to take healthy risks while parenting little ones and kids and toddlers

Taking Healthy Risks in Parenting

Taking risks can be scary even when it doesn’t involve our kids. But when it comes to healthy risks in parenting, it can be overwhelming. Here are some tips that will help you identify some good risks kids can take to grow in a safe way.

Tips and tricks for surviving toddler tantrums without losing control or being pulled into the emotion

Surviving Tantrums

Tantrums are consuming and exhausting for everyone involved. These tips for surviving toddler tantrums will keep you in control and guide you in gently leading your child out of big emotions.

parenting toddlers and keeping your cool and not yelling as you parent your children

Keeping your cool as you parent

Parenting toddlers will reveal things to you that you didn’t know about yourself. Here are some tips on how to keep your cool as you parent with love.

resisting the push of society and questioning the norms of society in parenting our children

What to protect your kids from

Advertising initiatives are now targeting our children and the repercussions are massive. Society is taking our children by storm and if we don’t resist what is now becoming normal, we will find ourselves adapting to what we know now to be abnormal and unacceptable.

how i get it all done as a mom of 4 little ones

And That’s How It’s Done

The most common question I get asked when mamas see me with my 4 little ones is “how do you do it?” Well, I wanna share with you how it’s done.